— I come from far away lands where words sing of alternate endings.
And set up dissonant strings on what once was.
Disenthrall our form from safety
We travel in silver boxes
A vision of void comforts
It sleeps in empty units
Forgot of what once was and serve on silver ...
A here is now.
Big houses of a future - past
They glimmer in the fall of science.
Communally empty and cold.
Outcasts of the night.
A thousand predictions on the fall.
They drip like rusted senses.
They humidify the trenches.
Revealing a path to the hidden city wall.
''It is truth that hides the fact that there is none''
Their gods in empty spaces, are faces in the dust.
We are here for today
Tomorrow will never last.
And close your eyes and senses,
tide up on golden knots.
And break in a million spaces.
Just fearing for their loss. —

Is a film that takes place in “Columbia” pressing plant. Owned by the local EMI subsidiary and located in Rizoupoli, Athens, Greece, the factory was established in December 1930 and seized all forms of operations in April 1990. Since then the “dead space” of the factory has seen many different usages. From people living within the abandoned factory to underground rave parties and from scavengers living of the infrastructure of the building to “mystic secret” gatherings.

08:35’ minutes, Mini DV

Paul Barsch & Tilman Hornig, MRZB, Alexandra Koumantaki, Georgios Karamanolakis, Emmy Skensved, Yannis Voulgaris.